Patty Morgan sleeping


Taking pointers from the best, we are staging our own disappearance. Meaning, I’m going to sleep for a bit and am taking the platform with me. It’ll be offline for now. Set my house on fire and watch it burn, am I right?

No worries, because as sure as the Maya Long Count predicted the end of the world, and as sure as vaccines make you magnetic and/or love Satan's pussy - I am that sure we'll meet again.

Patty will be back. Try kissing this sleeping beauty awake with a big money bag. Make my dreams come true.

For all the artists and supporters; this is my goodnight kiss for you. With my deepest love and gratitude for your delight, contributions, brilliance & resilience. When the time comes, I will find you again ~ for without you, I am not me.

Be safe out there.

Love, Patty Morgan

P.S. I know that waiting for me to awaken will be tedious, so keep an eye on Instagram or the newsletter for updates from the dreamverse and my coming resurrection. In case you want to keep me from my sleep, call +316 41 48 85 24.